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Kevin Schoon, better known as his stage name Stan Smith is an indie artist from Syracuse, NY. He was first introduced to Hip-Hop at 13 year of age by a neighbor who was also rapper. Growing up with the difficult circumstances of being adopted, having an absent drug-addicted mother, and a below standard of living, Stan turned to writing raps to combat the stress of everyday life and the inability to express himself confidently. Stan got his name from his favorite shoe by the Adidas Brand of the same name. As the founder of the imprint Virgo Digital Recordings, Stan hopes to bring creativity, genius, and opportunity to the genre he so loves. Since the imprint's inception Stan has released two singles titled "FK Ya Feelins" and "What You Wanna Do". Stan has fused the rawness of emceeing with the commercial recording process to bring about a new and refreshing perspective,


Virgo Digital Recordings